Petra is, without a doubt, Jordan’s most awe-inspiring treasure. It is a world wonder built into giant red mountains by a long departed people, that takes you on a journey to a different time. Nothing quite prepares you for this miracle in the desert. 


Dead Sea

Not only is the Dead Sea the lowest point on earth (1,312 ft. or 400m below sea level), it is also one of the most spectacular and fascinating places in the world. It is a dense cocktail of salts and minerals, flanked by rough mountains and steeped in biblical history. Float in the rich water of the lake and admire the natural, spiritual and historical wonders of this place.  



Wadi rum

Described  as “vast, echoing and God-like” by none other than T.E. Lawrence, Wadi Rum is an untouched valley of unbelievable beauty. Rocks rising higher than a mile and ancient drawings older than time itself make this place one of the most mysterious in all of the world. Whether you hike up a mountain, climb a rock or ride a Camel, Wadi Rum will never cease to amaze you.



In Jordan's capital, the contrast of the ancient and the modern create a fascinating and unforgettable experience for visitors.  Commercial buildings, hotels and fine restaurant a located next to old bazars, traditional coffee shops and ancient ruins.  Both this reminder of the city’s long and rich history, as well as the hospitality its inhabitants makes visiting the Amman such a unique experience.



The fates of empires where once decided at this fortified crusader castle and the city that surrounds it. Today, the castle's impressive silhouettes tower above sprawling bazars, restaurants and 19th century Ottoman buildings. This place breaths history quite like no other.



Inhabited continuously for nearly 7 millennia, Jerash’s recovered ruins are an impressive testimony to its rich and long history. Surrounded by hills and fertile basins, it still boasts soaring hilltop temples, grand plazas and colonnaded streets. Let it take you on a journey through time!



Located on Jordan’s Red Sea coast, Aqaba offers a wealth of activities for all age groups. Explore the fascinating Red Sea, both under and on water! Snorkeling, sailing or swimming with dolphins are just a few fun ways of doing so. On land, superb hotels, a plethora of shopping opportunities and the welcoming people make Aqaba an unforgettable experience.


King’s Highway

Connecting the cities of Irbid and Aqaba, King's Highway is one of the most impressive scenic drives in the world. Crossing several wadis, the road offers unique views of Jordan’s majestic landscape. Following along a biblical transportation route, it connects many historical sites such and natural wonders. It is the Middle East’s ultimate road trip.


Wadi Mujib

Called Jordan’s Grand Canyon, Wadi Mujib is an impressive gorge formed by the sheer forces of nature. But the scenery is not all there is to see at this national treasure: its biodiversity is unmatched in the entire region. Come and see for yourself how a wealth of animals adapted to the tough condition of the rugged canyon!


Ma’in Hot Springs

Close to the Dead Sea, Jordan is home to yet another natural wonder. Situated in one of the worlds most fascinating desert oases, the Ma’in Hot Springs are popular with tourists and locals alike. Not only do they offer incredible views of a fascinating landscape, the healthy properties of the water flowing down hyper-thermal waterfalls is also well documented.