"too many places to see,
So little time,
Not ENough money"

Live your dream job as WishPoints Ambassador traveling around the world discovering unique experiences and recruiting other travel scouts while getting paid to travel! 

"Need to keep my job to support my love of travel" was my excuse to stay in my corporate job. For 20+ years, I kept dreaming of a life in which I could get paid to work from where ever I want (on a beach, mountain, or rain forest), to collaborate with fellow travelers, to inspire others to travel, and to discover the hidden gems, local faves, and unique experiences around the world.  By founding WishPoints, I have done just that.  Now, I want to make this dream a reality for all travelers!
A Life by Design.
- Grace Lee, CEO & Founder of WishPoints  

So many travelers don't live their dreams because of money. Finding ways to financially support your traveling lifestyle is challenging:

  • Blogs have a lot of valuable content and advice, but the paragraphs takes too long to read and the tips are not searchable.
  • Business travelers, backpackers, and other frequent travelers have very little time to write reviews for others. 
  • Bloggers spend a lot of time and effort designing their content, but have challenges driving viewer traffic to their site.... 
  • If travelers could design their lives, they would prefer to be paid to do what they do best... DISCOVER and TRAVEL!

WishPoints aims to reward frequent travelers for their knowledge and social influence by recruiting travel bloggers, business travelers, retirees, & digital nomads to be WishPoints Ambassadors.

Apply to be a WishPoints Ambassador and get Paid to Travel (watch video)

"Gone are the days of Tour Books, Frequent travelers are better AMBASSADORS of TRAVEL!"

WishPoints Ambassadors are social travel influencers inspiring others to travel by sharing their pictures, discoveries, tips, and reviews.  We reward Ambassadors for your insights, trust, and influence. Your mission as Ambassador is to:

  • Share your discoveries of hidden gems, unique experiences, and local favorites on WishPoints (earn Discovery points)
  • Encourage others interested in places you've been and who travel like you to save your recommendations in their wishlist (earn Influence points)
  • Provide trustworthy, accurate, and relevant reviews (earn Trust points)
  • Recruit more travelers as Scouts to join the WishPoints Mission and get paid to travel (earn Travel Team bonuses)
  • Upload your pictures, reviews, tips and your blog link so that we may drive more traffic to your site (earn more affiliate marketing income)


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