"As we travel, we build courage to wander through different worlds to find ourselves and to learn from others.
Each journeys uncover hidden gems, unique experiences, and inspiring stories of our adventures.
By sharing these stories and discoveries, we can inspire others less traveled to explore more and help make their wishes come true." 
Grace Lee
Founder of WishPoints
Anthony Bourdain and WishPoints wish you will travel to discover hidden gems, local faves, and unique experiences through WishPoints.

Anthony Bourdain and WishPoints wish you will travel to discover hidden gems, local faves, and unique experiences through WishPoints.

WishPoints Founder's Story
How many of us watch Anthony Bourdain, Samantha Brown, or Andrew Zimmern and wish we could have their jobs: get paid to discover hidden gems, local faves, and unique experiences?

"I want to be paid to travel & inspire others to explore new worlds!"
Over the last 20 years, I have traveled to >82 countries & 42 states, across 6 continents.  As a business traveler, backpacker, or group travel organizer, I always preferred to go off-the-beaten path, find ways to avoid tourist traps, enjoy local cuisines, and discover unique adventures.  I love sharing these experiences & tips with my friends and family & encouraging them to see for themselves! Now, I want to help others design a life around travel and make everyone's wishes come true.

"Wishpoints -- a web and mobile platform that lets users create and share travel experiences and wishlists. It allows users to see where their friends have traveled, where they want to go and see their advice and any recommendations. 

In hopes to reduce the amount of time people spend researching and planning trips, users are able to rely on friends for referrals and in turn, get paid to travel. The startup also promotes local businesses and acts as a "virtual reality travel hunt for hidden gems and local favorites."
Entrepreneur.com’s News Director Stephen Bronner



The reasons why WishPoints was founded (short version):

  • Motivate and reward frequent traveling pointers for their good advice
  • Help travelers complete their wishlists and find unique experiences
  • Connect travelers to better service and expert content providers
  • Make travel planning easier
  • Promote local businesses 

how WishPoints will help you live a life of travel:

Problems that WishPoints are solving: 

  • Everyone wants Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern, or Samantha Brown's job. We watch them and think, "we can/want to do that!" 
  • There are amazing sights and adventures in emerging regions around the world (eg, Cuba, Iceland, Croatia, Nepal, Maldives, Jordan, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Bolivia) and incredible foods to try. But some of those activities seem scary for most travelers, food quality is questionable and excursions require finding and haggling with locals so you don't get ripped off. 
  • Many people are scared to go because it seems dangerous and they do not know what they would do there and how they would get around.  
  • The local vendors (tour guides, drivers, and food stands) in those regions barely speak English and would not be able to afford advertising to reach international travelers. They rely on word of mouth referrals to continue their business because there is no directory to search for the trusted vendors.
  • Travelers often ask the friends for advice on where to go, but it's time-consuming for friends to compile their notes from different trips.  
  • Currently, there is no way to know where your friends have been and search what they did there or to contact the Trusted Vendors (tour guides, taxi drivers, and food & hawker stand owners) they used.

How WishPoints will solve those problems:

  • The WishPoints platform provides word of mouth referrals from frequent travel pointers and ability for future travel wishers to find and connect with trusted vendors of amazing experiences.  
  • When travel bloggers or frequent travelers (Pointers) explore new regions, post pics of their recent trips and are able to refer local tour guides that they trust, their friends and family (Wishers) will more likely follow their paths.
  • WishPoints App is for
    • Pointers to race conquer and share hidden gems, local faves, and uniques experiences with their social network. 
    • Wishers can search amongst their friend's recommendations and plan travels based on their advice.
    • Like Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern, and Samantha Brown, Ambassadors are rewarded for discovering unique experiences, referring trusted vendors, building communities of scouts, and providing trusted advice to their network.