WishPoints makes social travel easier and more rewarding! See where friends want to go and who wants to come with you. Before you search, travel providers bid to send you deals. By uploading new discoveries, you get rewarded with influence points if friends wish on your card and trust points if they agree with your review tags!

Your mission: To compete with your friends in discovering hidden gems, unique experiences and local favorites around the world.

  • Sign in with Facebook to see your friends’ travels
  • Swish RIGHT to WISH! (your choices will be filed on your wishlist)
  • Swipe LEFT if you’ve BEEN THERE! (your choices will be filed in your travel history)
  • Swipe DOWN or Click “Not Now” to skip it (your choices will be resent to you later)
  • Click on the Postcards to see which friend wants to go and who’s been, what they say about it, their thumbs up/down, and their tips
  • Add discoveries as a postcard (top right icon “ADD” icon), reviews (lower right “review” icon) and tips (lower left (“Tips” icon)) for your friends
  • Score points for (see your profile for your points tally): Higher scores win prizes!
    • Experience (number of places you’ve been)
    • Discovery (number of new places you’ve found and added to WishPoints)
    • Influence (number of times your friends saved your discovery in their wish list)
    • Trust (number of times people agreed with your review or tip).
  • See your scoreboard of conquests and where you are on the leaderboard
  • Update your WishPoints Passport by editing your countries, states, and continents
  • Race your friends around the world: Invite your friends to download the app from the Appstore & to sign in with Facebook and we will automatically connect you. 


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